Turning 18? Moved? Off papers? Never registered?  Haven't voted in a while?  Name changed?

You may need to register to vote or update your registration!


Any eligible US Citizen and Missouri resident who is 18 or older, and has registered, can vote. People with felony convictions are eligible to vote as soon as they are off papers, unless convicted of a voting-related offense.



  • People turning 18 (or 17 1/2 if turning 18 by Election Day)

  • People aged 18 or older who have never registered

  • People who attain eligibility by becoming a US citizen or regain eligibility by getting off papers from a felony conviction

  • People who have moved to Missouri from another state

  • People who have moved between counties/election jurisdictions within  Missouri, including between STL County and STL City (even if previously  registered to vote)


Use A Paper Form

You can use a paper form that you fill out and send to your local election office.  You can get forms at your local library, League of Women Voters office, or the Election Board for your jurisdiction.  You can also download and print one from the Secretary of State's website.  Make sure you fill out all the information on the form. And don't forget to update your registration every time you move by filling out a new registration/address update form.

Register Online Using a Touchscreen Device

If you have a touchscreen device, you can fill out a voter registration form online at the Secretary of State's website. You will need to sign your form using your finger or a stylus on the touchscreen.  Need a walk-through?  Check out this video: